Corporate Services

Planning an event for team building? Need to impress an important client? Looking for wellness education?  Executives coming in to stay for awhile? My Chef Lara can help to impress, educate and entertain for all of your corporate needs

Team Building

Cooking together is a fabulous way to build organization, cooperation and communication between individuals and teams. And at the end of each session the reward is a fantastic meal What could be better?

These events can be tailored to a small group to increase collaboration or to several teams to build team communication over multiple groups and to foster working separately but in a coordinated way to reach goals and generate an outstanding result. Our past corporate experience coupled with our cooking talents will create a fun and educational experience for groups of all sizes.

Corporate Events

Are you planning a corporate event and looking for something a bit different to offer your clients or team members?

My Chef Lara provides personalized service for your corporate event needs. We can tailor the event to a theme or simply the word “elegant”. From an intimate client dinner to board meetings to larger award ceremonies, My Chef Lara can create an occasion that is memorable.

We can even provide an event planner for your needs if desired.

My Chef Lara can help you or stage the corporate event which represents your company and you in the best light possible.

Wellness Education

Companies know how necessary it is to pay attention to employee wellness. Health is a critical key to happy and productive employees.

My Chef Lara has worked with large corporations to promote wellness through educational presentations in-house or over web-ex style formats.

Talks, presentations and demos on a range of topics to support healthy cooking and eating will help your employees perform at their best and reduce costs for health insurance.

Our experience in presenting to large groups will assist you in getting the word out and encouraging healthy life-style changes in new and interesting ways.

Concierge Services

Do you have important clients coming in from out of town for a longer stay? Let them know how much you value the relationship by taking care of their particular dietary needs on a budget which is less expensive than most restaurants.

My Chef Lara provides delicious custom made meals that can be stored in a refrigerator or freezer and be heated up in a microwave or oven.

This is a perfect solution for your important out of town guests.

And keep in mind that we can also plan and create athome meals for the busy executives that help steer your company, freeing their valuable time and helping them stay at the top of their form for all the many demands on their time and skills, on a regular basis or at crunch time when all their attention is needed for the success of the business.