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Regency Plaza Take-In Service

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You have a wonderful and unique lifestyle living in historic Providence but we know that a busy urban life comes with some challenges. Eating healthy, convenient and well can be a challenge. My Chef Lara is here to help! We can deliver home-made meals to the Regency Plaza made specifically for you to your door once a week, twice a month or once a month as you choose. There are many flexible meal plans available that will fit your lifestyle and allow you to eat as you really want to. Convenient, delicious and healthy food is what we can offer.

HamImagine coming home from a long day out of the house, you are tired and hungry and in a few minutes you can have a delicious, healthy, home-made meal that you did not have to go out for.


We can customize our meals to your needs. If you are vegan, we can do that! If you want lower calories, we can do that! If you eat only organic, we can do that. If you just love good food, we can do that as well!

For the price of take-out you can “take-in”  and have meals that you know are not processed, have only natural ingredients, and are made just for you.

For Regency Plaza residents we are offering an introductory service for your first order. We will make you a 2×4 (2 entrees of 4 portions each = 8 meals) for $150 service fee plus the cost of groceries (assume about $40).

NonVeg ImageCall us at 401-831-1657 or Email at to start the process of eating convenient and fabulous food. There are no contracts and we make the food only when you call and tell us you want a service. Once you call we will make an appt. with you to go through a food questionnaire to discover your likes, dislikes and dietary needs and wants. Once we have done that we will set a date for your first order! We will then create a menu you, you approve that menu and we deliver! It is that simple!

If you are interested, call us now so that we can get you on our calendar! Enjoy your fabulous Providence living in new style and allow My Chef Lara to be Your Chef Lara.


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