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Cooking Classes

in-home cooking classWant to have a night in with select friends and learn how to make a pasta or your favorite My Chef Lara recipe? This is a great option which combines entertaining with a bit of culinary education.  We will work with you to customize an evening of friends and food that will not soon be forgotten.

The classes will be held in the comfort of your own home and include a full dinner which you and your guest will prepare (with help from My Chef Lara of course).  Your personal cooking class will give you and your guests the opportunity to ask questions, taste the food along the way and get personalized instruction.

The size of the party can be 1-6.  We can accommodate a larger group as long as your kitchen can handle it.  The price includes the recipes that are cooked during class along with a booklet which contains helpful hints and instructions, a full dinner after the class and one-on-one time with the chefs.

Classes plus dinner takes about 3.5 hours but plan for a bit more time to make dinner a comfortable and fun experience.

The cooking classes are customized to you but some classes we have done are:

  • Spring into Spring Vegetables
  • Cooking with Wine and Spirits
  • Seasoning with success
  • Pasta, Pasta, Pasta
  • Quick and Elegant Chicken recipes
  • Easy Weeknight Pan Sauces
  • Cooking with Alternative grains
  • Comforting Soups
  • Thai food made easy
  • Appetizers for any occassion

These classes are ideal for Girl’s night out, bridal showers, house warmings, birthdays or just a way to get together with friends to enjoy fabulous food and a great experience.

Classes cost $350 for 4 people and $450 for 6 people.  The cost includes all food, time and prep by the chefs and a glass of wine (if desired) for all participants.  We can also include wine pairing suggestions for the dinner if desired.

Some comments form our past classes:

” Very informative, great open forum and fun as a social and learning event. Much better than going to the movies or dinner at a restaurant.”

“Mouthwatering! Thank you!”

“This exceeded my expectations 10 fold. I learned a lot more than I thought there was to know!”

“The class was far more comprehensive than expected, a real enjoyable experience”

“Loved it! It was great!

Contact My Chef Lara today to book your own personalized In-home cooking class!

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