Norbert Klotz

After spending more than 30 years in the manufacturing business, it was time to pursue my dream of cooking with and for other people! There’s nothing better than having someone eat what I’ve prepared and express delight over the experience!

have been cooking for a long time… for my friends and family, business associates and clients in their homes. The feedback never has been negative, which encouraged me to enter the personal chef business with the person who I love to cook and be with (Lara cooks a lot better than me, but I would never admit to that).

I have graduated from the Culinary Business Academy (US-Personal Chef Association) and also hold a current Serve Safe Certification, which qualifies me as a food safety manager.

Should you decide to use our services for home cooked meals or for great dinner parties (e.g. “Oktoberfest”. Blackforest Christmas, etc.)… I will do my very best to make sure you are completely satisfied and safe. Numerous references are available and more will be forthcoming with each new client.